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The validator reminder E-mails seem to point to this blog’s frontpage if I were to want to request changes to the reminder E-mails that I get, so here I am.

While I really do want those E-mails, and to continue to receive them weekly, it’s become impractical for me to receive them on Thursdays 12:00 CET (10 or 11 UTC), as that is near the end of my workdays for the past two months, thus making me focus on validating suggestions on the way home and when I get home, instead of relaxing and taking things easy. Is it possible for me to receive them on Fridays instead?

So, assuming that no question can be too stupid for me to ask:

Now that I feel pretty satisfied with my work on Norwegian Bokmål, I’ve begun to do some quick stuff for other languages, such as for UK English.

But when I figured that I should send a quick message to the validator for UK English (djpaulgibbs2), to inform him of the strings that he could validate if he wanted to, I found to my surprise that he had no contact info at all on his Gravatar. So out of curiosity, my question for today is as follows:

Is there any sort of procedure for when a project’s validator is neither particularly active or particularly easy to get a hold of?

I am suggesting some changes that’d apply to all translations (incl. the English ones):

• On strings about downloading 2FA apps, how about adding that they can also be downloaded for PCs, instead of just for mobiles? Authy and various small 2FA apps have been available for PC for some time, and people out there who rarely use their phones shouldn’t be deterred from getting 2FA.
• Many strings list URLs with http:// instead of https://, even if such an HTTPS version of the URL in question (Especially the WordPress URLs) is available. How about changing those strings to spell them with https:// instead?

Feel free to accept, reject, or consider these suggestions as you’d want. I’m not picky.