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I am Dan Caragea from Romanian team – is 100% translated into my language.
I noticed that I can only suggest translations for some projects and sub projects, like WooCommerce, WordPress Core, Mirror (Gutenberg + Jetpack) etc.
I request access to all projects as validator.


  1. In Dashboard -> Home -> Your Stuff, „Nou post” is partially translated: „nou” is translated into Romanian, „post” is not translated, is in English (sorry, the quotes are in Romanian).
    Your Stuff
    I’ve also check for a translation:
    Nou post
    Thanks, again.

I (we) have some problems that need to be resolved (translate properly).
1. Stats – Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search Engine Terms and Clicks can show Summaries on another page. But the given date format is wrong for European countries.
Data format
There is no such data format (yyyy-mm-dd = 2018-06-12) to be translated and DD/MM/YYYY is translated into my language to DD.MM.YYYY.
2. Stats – The data shown under the statistics chart is not properly for all countries: mai 31 (may 31) it should be 31 mai (31 May) or iun. 12 (June 12) it should be 12 iun. (12 June) for some.
Please add strings (for 1 + 2), with an explanation, so we can translate them properly.
3. I find a phrase (string) that needs to have a translation. See here, please:

How can I view all stings (now validated) by none user (translator)? In other words all activ strings that does not have the line “Translated by:” between “Date added:” and “Priority of the original:” in status (Meta).
There are many such strings which should be reviewed but can’t be put together.