1. In Dashboard -> Home -> Your Stuff, „Nou post” is partially translated: „nou” is translated into Romanian, „post” is not translated, is in English (sorry, the quotes are in Romanian).
    Your Stuff
    I’ve also check for a translation:
    Nou post
    Thanks, again.

I (we) have some problems that need to be resolved (translate properly).
1. Stats – Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search EngineSearch engine An information retrieval program that searches for items in a database that match the request input by the user. Examples: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Terms and ClicksClicks How many times a user clicked through to your site. How this is counted depends on the search result type.
can show Summaries on another page. But the given date format is wrong for European countries.
Data format
There is no such data format (yyyy-mm-dd = 2018-06-12) to be translated and DD/MM/YYYY is translated into my language to DD.MM.YYYY.
2. Stats – The data shown under the statistics chart is not properly for all countries: mai 31 (may 31) it should be 31 mai (31 May) or iun. 12 (June 12) it should be 12 iun. (12 June) for some.
Please add strings (for 1 + 2), with an explanation, so we can translate them properly.
3. I find a phrase (string) that needs to have a translation. See here, please: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/translation-missing/

How could I see all the themes with less than 85% translated strings? And possibly themes which are not fully translated (100%).

How can I view all stings (now validated) by none user (translator)? In other words all activ strings that does not have the line “Translated by:” between “Date added:” and “Priority of the original:” in status (Meta).
There are many such strings which should be reviewed but can’t be put together.

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