I have some thoughts on translations. Here are some examples: “Jetpack Search”, “Jetpack Scan”, “Jetpack Professional”, “Happiness Engineers”, “Jetpack Mobile Theme” and “WordPress Webinars”? Should these be translated or not? Sometimes these are translated and sometimes not translated.

Another example is: “Plan” In Swedish I always use the translation “Paket”. But I notice that the word “Plan” also appears. It is not only in old existing translations it occurs it is also in newly added strings.


I have a small question about translations.
I have noted that some translations I have made have been changed or replaced by someone else who is not a validator. Sometimes these changes do not follow the glossary or the style guide for the local language. Also, minor grammatical mistakes sometimes occur. Everyone can make mistakes and I am definitely one of them. I really appreciate when someone notices and corrects the mistakes I made.

Sometimes it feels like a bit of a waste of time after spending many hours and days translating strings and finding that a lot of the strings you translated are replaced (with the things described above). As a validator, I want to make sure that there are no strings that are pending, fuzzy or have warnings. I try to do this several times a week. I also try to translate as much as possible with the goal of reaching 100% (at least 85%) for all themes. I have absolutely no problems with not continuing to be a validator. It would actually feel a little easier and save me time and work.

I really don’t want to make anyone feel guilty and apologize if someone feels offended.

I just want to know if it is me who misunderstood or missed something.

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