Posts by Oguzhan (salute)

Hey guys, first post here. I’ve sent a feedback before but I might as well post my thoughts here. Although it is fun to translate and see the stuff you translate is being used by so many people; it is relatively easy to lose motivation after a while. Right now, GlotPress site user interface and interaction, isn’t improving that. If there are many things to translate, you may start to think that you aren’t making that much progress. Especially for newcomers who want to contribute to GlotPress, it is easy to quit after translating a few strings.

If there was more interaction on GlotPress, I think it would improve the quantity and quality of strings that are being translated. For example a leaderboard, where you could see the list of users who translate most strings in a week, a month, etc, could motivate them to translate even more. I think gamification can play a huge role improving GlotPress.

Aside from that, people spend more time on their smartphones than their laptops. It would be great if there was a GlotPress app where you can see each string like a flashcard and tap on it if you want to translate or swipe if you don’t want to.

These are just a few thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.