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Two things. Both very annoying. The Bell symbol under my profile shows me the message feed but it doesn’t actually link to the place where there messages were posted. Which meant that I could see where Yoav had responded to me but there was no easy way of getting back here to respond and this page is actually really hard to find. I had to come back to my desktop to go through my email bin to find yesterday’s confirmation email to find this page again. I’ve now bookmarked it but the way the message feed works (or rather, doesn’t) is seriously annoying.

The second annoyance is the 2 step authentication which is already doing my head in. So I set it up on my desktop yesterday using the SMS option. So I get the SMS and log in, clicking the Remember Me. Today I log in on my laptop.. again I get an SMS. so I log in again, again ticking the 30 Day thing.
Of course then I had to run back to my desktop when I couldn’t find this site again to get asked for the SMS code AGAIN. So I had to run back to the lounge where I left my phone. If WP is going to ping an SMS at me every time I want to switch between machines I’m very rapidly going to find an alternative which does not require authentication at this level because this is just pure annoyance.
There must be less crazy ways of ensuring I’m me…

How exactly is translation supposed to work now? I just logged in to bring the translations up to date and all I can suddenly make is “Suggestions”. Great. Some message about 2 step authentication at the top with 2 links, only one of which works:

Learn about enabling two step authentication, or visit the Translation site for more information.

The second one, presumably the more relevant one, leads to a Page Not Found error. The first one just seems to be generic blurb about 2 step authentication.

Seems rather OTT for translation if you ask me…