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Hey all, Just saw this…

Hey all,

Just saw this nice and super useful addition! 🤩 (I hated the Add translation → button when it just hangs without any feedback)

Now it would be great if there could be a way to communicate why some translations were rejected between validators and translators 🙂

Hi all! I have a question regarding the main translation page.

When I use the filter like this with a term Your cart is awaiting payment:


It says No translations were found! even though this term exists when I log into my dashboard.


Is there anything that I’m doing wrong? 🙂

What are the best ways to find some passionate volunteers?

Hi all,
I’ve been consistently (every weekday if I can) translating some parts of the to the Mongolian language since last year. If I could find a dozen other active translators who could contribute like that, I think it will take only 2 more years to translate the whole thing. But how? 🙂