Hey folks! In preparation of my maternity leave, can I please ask you to remove me from the weekly WordPress.com translation email feed I receive on a weekly basis?

As that will be only temporary, and I do support the cause, I’d like to remain a validator for Italian.
If I need to be removed as validator while pausing the email notifications–it seems like that way by reading Naoko’s comment on the latest thread below–then I’d rather prefer keeping the emails incoming 🙂

Welcome @elfredrik who will help us with validating Swedish!

May I point you to the following resources around translation at WordPress.com: There is the non-language-specific Translation Style Guide, and the Translation FAQ which might answer some outstanding questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here.

Thanks already for your efforts!

What are the best ways to find some passionate volunteers?

Hi all,
I’ve been consistently (every weekday if I can) translating some parts of the WordPress.com to the Mongolian language since last year. If I could find a dozen other active translators who could contribute like that, I think it will take only 2 more years to translate the whole thing. But how? 🙂

The validator reminder E-mails seem to point to this blog’s frontpage if I were to want to request changes to the reminder E-mails that I get, so here I am.

While I really do want those E-mails, and to continue to receive them weekly, it’s become impractical for me to receive them on Thursdays 12:00 CETCET Central European Time (UTC+1)
(10 or 11 UTCUTC Coordinated Universal Time or UTC+0 - the central time that all other timezones are expressed in relation to.
), as that is near the end of my workdays for the past two months, thus making me focus on validating suggestions on the way home and when I get home, instead of relaxing and taking things easy. Is it possible for me to receive them on Fridays instead?

Hi. Should I ask to be a validator for each project one by one? Or is it possible to make a request for all projects? I can see there are strings waiting and fuzzy in some projects for Swedish.

We just published a blog post called Translating WordPress.com in 2018 to highlight some of the achievements that you accomplished last year.


In 2018, 1,987 WordPress.com community volunteers contributed 66,343 strings in 104 languages, bringing the total number of translations to 247,800.

We are happy to have so many volunteers who are passionate about making WordPress.com accessible in their language. If you have any personal achievements from last year or goals that you’ve set for the new year, please leave a comment and share 🙂

cc: @dancarageact62 @elfredrik @dandelionsprout @bujku @ckykenken @keymangreek – who we listed as notable mentions

So, assuming that no question can be too stupid for me to ask:

Now that I feel pretty satisfied with my work on Norwegian Bokmål, I’ve begun to do some quick stuff for other languages, such as for UK English.

But when I figured that I should send a quick message to the validator for UK English (djpaulgibbs2), to inform him of the strings that he could validate if he wanted to, I found to my surprise that he had no contact info at all on his Gravatar. So out of curiosity, my question for today is as follows:

Is there any sort of procedure for when a project’s validator is neither particularly active or particularly easy to get a hold of?

I (we) have some problems that need to be resolved (translate properly).
1. Stats – Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search EngineSearch engine An information retrieval program that searches for items in a database that match the request input by the user. Examples: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Terms and ClicksClicks How many times a user clicked through to your site. How this is counted depends on the search result type.
can show Summaries on another page. But the given date format is wrong for European countries.
Data format
There is no such data format (yyyy-mm-dd = 2018-06-12) to be translated and DD/MM/YYYY is translated into my language to DD.MM.YYYY.
2. Stats – The data shown under the statistics chart is not properly for all countries: mai 31 (may 31) it should be 31 mai (31 May) or iun. 12 (June 12) it should be 12 iun. (12 June) for some.
Please add strings (for 1 + 2), with an explanation, so we can translate them properly.
3. I find a phrase (string) that needs to have a translation. See here, please: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/translation-missing/

  1. In Dashboard -> Home -> Your Stuff, „Nou post” is partially translated: „nou” is translated into Romanian, „post” is not translated, is in English (sorry, the quotes are in Romanian).
    Your Stuff
    I’ve also check for a translation:
    Nou post
    Thanks, again.

Some of you may have heard of Slack, an online chat tool for team collaboration. We at Automattic use it heavily and thought we’d invite all of you in the WordPress.com translation community to our #translation-community channel.


Multi-Device Group

Sample screenshots of Slack; you can use it through one of desktop or mobile apps or browser

We can use Slack for:

  • Asking questions about context and other clarification
  • Reporting issues with original strings
  • Announcing new translate.wordpress.com features
  • Sharing translation tips and other fun stuff with each other

If you’d like to join, please leave a comment on this post. We will add you using WordPress.com account email.

This is an experimental step toward communicating better with all of you. Hope you can join us!

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