@ckykenken, good news! You can…

@ckykenken, good news! You can now select Hong Kong Chinese as a language in the language selector! Thank you so much for your contribution to Hong Kong Chinese translations. We really appreciate all your dedication.

Thank you for your contribution in 2018!

We just published a blog post called Translating WordPress.com in 2018 to highlight some of the achievements that you accomplished last year.


In 2018, 1,987 WordPress.com community volunteers contributed 66,343 strings in 104 languages, bringing the total number of translations to 247,800.

We are happy to have so many volunteers who are passionate about making WordPress.com accessible in their language. If you have any personal achievements from last year or goals that you’ve set for the new year, please leave a comment and share 🙂

cc: @dancarageact62 @elfredrik @dandelionsprout @bujku @ckykenken @keymangreek – who we listed as notable mentions

Welcome @ckykenken, who will be…

Welcome @ckykenken, who will be helping us with validating Chinese (Hong Kong). Thanks already for your efforts! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. There are also more resources on https://translate.wordpress.com/ such as the Translation Style Guide.