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FYI that following the release of WordPress 4.3, we’ve ran an import from for all locales, for new translations. This only affects strings that weren’t previously translated on

Let us know if you have any questions!


We’re announcing the launch of the Community Translator on later today!

Thank you all for your help in testing it! We’re already planning our next iteration that will reflect more of your feedback and introduce new features.

We hope that today’s announcement will bring in quite a few new translators, and we’re confident that it will be a great step ahead for the translation of

As always, if you notice any issues – please let us know!

Heads up – two step authentication will be required soon!

In order to improve the security of translation and validation on, we will soon require 2 step authentication to be active when using validator permissions. While you will still be able to use GlotPress and suggest translations without 2 step authentication, any advanced actions will no longer be possible.

To learn more about 2 step authentication and how to activate it, please visit our support page.

If you have any concerns or questions, please comment. Thanks!

Validation question – did you ever translate or approve a translation for an original where it made sense to add or change html tags in the translation?

Background: Right now, validators can approve translations where html tags are added, omitted, or changed. We’re considering changing this functionality, but before doing so – we’d like to know if it’s essential for your work.