Maybe this was already discussed over and over, but today I did some review of the Italian translations and the first thing that I saw was the main navigation translation:


I already knew “My Sites” was going to map poorly to Italian (“I miei siti” is awkward as a navigation label) but “Lettore” seems very out of place. While “Lettore” shares the same dual meaning that english has (the person and the object) it feels out of place there.

Also, since “Reader” is an entire sub-section, it’s also used as a noun elsewhere (i.e. in Me → Notification settings → Subscriptions and elsewhere). The Reader itself avoids translating its “Streams” word (going for the italianized singular) as well.

I checked other tools and they just avoid the issue entirely. Goodle Reader had some odd translations too. Feedly isn’t translated afaikAFAIK As Far As I Know
, but even the wikipedia entry uses a periphrasis (“aggregatore di notizie”).

It’s a very hard translation considering it’s a prime navigation item for us, almost a product name. But it’s also very important to get it right, so I thought it might be worth a quick discussion.

I see a few options:

  1. Keep it “Reader”, similar to what we do with Followers (that is basically impossible to translate to Italian)
  2. Change semantic context, with “News” (“Notizie”), similar to what Facebook does for its “News Feed”
  3. Use the term we use for “Posts” (“Articoli”).
  4. Other?

Are there links to discussions that happened in the past on the topic, if any?
Any ideas here?

/cc @daniloercoli @stefaniachiorboli @sararosso

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