Hey all,

Just saw this nice and super useful addition! 🤩 (I hated the Add translation → button when it just hangs without any feedback)

Now it would be great if there could be a way to communicate why some translations were rejected between validators and translators 🙂

Welcoming 2 New Members & Announcement on Locale Glossary

New Members

I’ve added two validators to this P2:


Locale Glossary

I’m not sure if many of you are following the translate.wordpress.com blog, but I wrote this piece last week: New Features for Validators: Locale Glossary, Set as Fuzzy

I wanted to point out this section to you all:

If you had a project glossary for the WordPress.com project, we’ve already migrated it to a locale glossary. You can find the new location on this list.


Sneak preview: New translate.wordpress.com Resources Site

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

With WordPress Global Translation Day for the open source version of WordPress coming up this weekend, we wanted to do something special for WordPress.com translators as well.

I’m happy to announce that you as a validator on WordPress.com can now access the preview version of the new translate.wordpress.com resource site:


It is accessible at https://translate.wordpress.com/ (that page would previously immediately redirect to the projects page), no previously existing URLs change.


For new translators, a link to this site will be a good way to show how they can get started.

For experienced translators and validators, it’ll be easier to find all of the information regarding translating on translate.wordpress.com.

Some important notes

  • This site is currently only accessible to validators and Automattic staff, so please don’t share the this publicly yet as it would confuse people who will still be redirected to the project list.
  • Previous landing page (project list) remains available at https://translate.wordpress.com/projects,
  • As a validator, you will see an extra section if you are logged-in.
  • I moved some pages from the support site, and plan on redirecting the existing pages to this new site.

Before launching this to everyone, I’d love to hear your feedback. Is there any contents or user flow that’s confusing? Anything that’s missing we should include?

We want to improve this resource site over time, so let us know if you see anything that can be better!

Two quick questions on validator commuincation

We are trying to improve the communication among locale validators as well as between the Automattic team and validators. Please select as many answers as applicable.

Any other suggestions are also welcomed 🙂 Thanks!

Q1: How do you communicate with other WordPress.com validators?

Q2: What’s the best method for us (Automattic) to contact you about translation?

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