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I am Dan Caragea from Romanian team – is 100% translated into my language.
I noticed that I can only suggest translations for some projects and sub projects, like WooCommerce, WordPress Core, Mirror (Gutenberg + Jetpack) etc.
I request access to all projects as validator.

Making this P2 publicly accessible

Hi all 🙂
As a part of our effort to create a stronger & more active translator community, we are planning to make this P2 public so that any translation volunteers can join in the future.

We feel the kind of information shared here don’t seem to be super sensitive and could benefit from having a broader audience.

We will still use the Translation Forum for requests and support. This place will continue to be where you can use for more in-depth discussion.

That means past posts and comments here will be public too. If you have anything that you don’t want to become public, please feel free to change/remove what you’ve posted.

Let us know if you have any concerns or opinions about this change though!


Requesting to opt out

Hi everyone 👋

So I’ve been translating the strings of my locale (Sinhala) years ago when I was schooling, but I actually couldn’t contribute to this properly in years. And I don’t think I’d be able to validate the translations any time soon.

So I’d really appreciate it if you can unsubscribe me from the weekly email notification. Thank you 🙂


I have some thoughts on translations. Here are some examples: “Jetpack Search”, “Jetpack Scan”, “Jetpack Professional”, “Happiness Engineers”, “Jetpack Mobile Theme” and “WordPress Webinars”? Should these be translated or not? Sometimes these are translated and sometimes not translated.

Another example is: “Plan” In Swedish I always use the translation “Paket”. But I notice that the word “Plan” also appears. It is not only in old existing translations it occurs it is also in newly added strings.